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Railway Roast

This tea is a homage to the heritage of the railroads in East Africa which brought tea to these lands along with many exotic herbs and spices. This tea from a plantation on the slopes of Mount Kenya is infused with the vigour of the mountain and the perennial splendour of the equatorial sun.​

Once brewed, the tea has an earthy aroma  with a nutty finish.​

This tea pairs beautifully with "High Tea" sandwiches such as cucumber sandwich, smoked salmon or Ploughman's sandwich.​

It also helps reduce the guilt when sipped alongside dark chocolate mousse or a dark chocolate gateau.


African Petrichor

"Petrichor" - the smell of soil after the first rain. This tea evokes that special aroma of African soil embracing the rain.

The earthy notes of this loose leaf black tea from Kenya blended with dates, almonds and specks of saffron creates the balance and equanimity that is only found with a cup of hot tea during a rainy day.​

This tea pairs well with light sandwiches and baked treats such as scones, vanilla cake or a carrot cake.


Purple Haze

Enjoy all the health benefits of the high levels of antioxidants found in purple tea enhanced with the mild sweetness of rose petals and hibiscus. 

The anthocyanin found in purple tea is the same as that found in blueberries, raspberries and purple grapes, however purple tea has up to 15 times the amount of anthocyanin found in blueberries. ​

This tea greets you with an aroma of vanilla on the nose and leaves a lingering taste of the delicate union of purple leaf tea with rose petals and hibiscus.​

This tea pairs well with a matcha cake or a plain sponge cake and macarons.


Swahili Oolong

This delicate hand shaken Oolong tea from the foothills of Kilimanjaro in Tanzania embodies the vision of Muthaiga Tea Co - to showcase African artisanship. ​

The tea is processed in a micro tea manufacturing plant from where the small holder farmers are leading a small revolution of Tanzanian orthodox teas.​

The liquor of the tea is golden amber and it has an undertone of honeysuckle and caramel. The tea has been blended with cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg from the spice island of Zanzibar.

Pairs beautifully with walnut cake and sticky toffee pudding.


Rwanda Noir

You will never look at breakfast tea the same way after you have tried this black tea blend from Rwanda. ​

This tea delivers robust flavour without the strong tannins of traditional teas and the delicate malt sweetness of the terroir accompanied with the sparkle of star anise leave you feeling refreshed after a cup. ​

Sip Rwanda Noir with any decadent dessert to keep yourself awake :) 


Emerald Dream

This single estate green tea is a purist’s delight. Tea connoisseurs from around the world are discovering the beauty of Rwandese teas and if you wondered why, try this steamed loose-leaf green tea from the rolling hills of Rwanda.​

The aroma of fresh cut grass greets you on the nose and the pale yellow, medium bodied liquor delivers a delicate sweetness of toasted butterscotch and malt enveloped in a woody background.​

This tea pairs gorgeously with any seafood and especially well with sushi and sashimi.

It can keep you company all the way through desserts like fruit cake, an orange marmalade cake or mochi ice cream.


Moonlight Needle

This white tea from the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro is delicately harvested in the early hours of the morning. The silver bristles on the leaves evoke an image of fine moonlight-kissed needles as they "stand" on their ends in the early morning coolness.​

The leaves are blended with dried apricots and Egyptian marigolds which complement the natural tea notes of peach and savannah grass.​

This tea is a heavenly accompaniment to delicate desserts such as a vanilla cake, pineapple cake and scones.


Festive Fudge Oolong

Get into the festive spirit and indulge yourself with this hand shaken Oolong from the foothills of the Kilimanjar mountains.

The golden brown tea leaves carry a malt taste and have been blended with dried orange peels along with pumpkin spice and vanilla that merge together to deliver a creamy, fudgy mouthfeel. A dash of African carnation adds floral notes to the orchestra of taste.

Experience the true fudgy taste of this festive treat as a cold brew tea and indulge yourself by pairing it with mince pies.


Resurrection d'Amour

A special edition Valentine's Blend marrying Kenyan green tea with Zimbabwean Resurrection leaves and serenading it with Lavender pellets and a blush of cranberries to create a delicious immune booster tea.

This is a smooth, soothing tea packed with the vigor of the antioxidants from the Resurrection leaf - a medicinal plant potent in fighting premature aging and oxidative stress.

Pair this well crafted tea blend with indulgent treats such as Dark Chocolate or Marzipan.


Coco Zambarau

Decadence was never this healthy! The super dose of anthocyanins from purple loose-leaf tea are boosted even further with antioxidants from African cacao nibs and blended with Zanzibari coastal coconut that brings balance and refinement to the flavour profile. 

Dark chocolate floats boldly on the nose and is followed by the tannins from Kenyan purple tea and swirls in the mouth with Zanzibari coconut, to create a beautiful, balanced taste that leaves you craving more. This tea was inspired by cold/wintry weather to give one a piping hot, cocoa beverage to be sipped without any guilt!

 Coco Zambarau provides great company to delectable desserts like almond cake, vanilla sponge cake or coconut cake.


Rich Pu'er

Our first tea blend from Malawi will unfurl in your cup with notes of mystery, familiarity and a whole lot of African stories about the dichotomy of Africa –of the Rich and the Poor.

This blend is created from Pu’er tea or a ‘dark tea’ from a 3rd generation family tea estate, from the Shire Highlands of Malawi and is blended with
cardamom & dried papaya and sprinkled with gold flakes. Each ingredient evokes a story of Africa – of a working rural farm, of our spice trading heritage, of
gold mining or of afternoons eating juicy fruits.

This tea is a perfect digestif after a heavy meal, and also pairs beautifully with desserts
such as cheesecake and chocolate cake.


Menthe du Maroc

Menthe du Maroc is our
attempt at creating an all-natural tea blend, to reflect the vibrancy and joie de vivre of the cafes and bazaars of Morocco.

We blended Kenyan green tea, roasted in the Chinese “Longjing” technique and added in lemon verbena and chamomile to soak you with a calm sense of relaxation. Fennel and pomegranate seeds were then added to reflect the vibrant colors of bazaars and bring the sweetness of Moroccan mint tea that will transport you to Morocco!

This tea can be had as a palate cleanser or in harmony with smoked meat sandwiches and savoury casseroles. It is also a perfect night-time tea to help you relax.


Mawimbi Dance

Mawimbi Dance is a tea that encapsulates many stories inspired by the Swahili coast. We wanted to capture the playfulness and holiday spirit of the coast while also being mindful of the history that the waves - which translate to “Mawimbi” in Swahili - of the oceans brought onto African soil.

This tea is blended with tropical fruits such as mango and custard apple and invigorated with baobab bark and blue pea to infuse the vim and vigor of the ocean.

This delicate blend evokes familiar memories of eating ripe mangoes and pineapples at the coast while also maintaining the mystery of the ocean through the unique flavor of blue pea and custard apple leaf.

This tea is a fantastic amuse bouche and also pairs beautifully with shellfish such as lobster and crab and also dances with desserts such as light cheesecakes and shortbread cookies.


African Earl

Can you name a better pairing than citrus with black tea? This combination has bought about one of the most popular flavoured tea around the world- Earl Grey. Here at MTC we have taken the classic Earl Grey and reinvented it to give you African Earl.

This tea is hand-crafted, naturally blended, premium black tea from the majestic hilltops of Meru. This delicately smoked tea was imbibed with citrus notes of natural orange peel and serenaded with passion fruit to give it a classic Kenyan feel. The final touch was a sprinkling of vigor from elderflower, making it a tea fit for an African Royal.

African Earl can be enjoyed after a meal, on its own or paired with a chocolatey treat!


African Artisanal Teas

Take a sip to experience the combination of the rich bounty of the African soil along with the creative craftsmanship of our Tea Alchemists

The cold brew we make with Purple Haze is a huge hit! Love it!

A. Wachira

We looooove Muthaiga Tea! Every tea is well thought out, every element has a role to play...

Ate Restaurant Nairobi

The Festive Fudge Oolong has to be one of the most soothing and comforting blends of tea I have ever tried.

Reeta Patel